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F & B Team

F & B Catering Equipment Limited proudly supplies advanced and market-leading catering dishwashers by Axwood to Hong Kong caterers. Axwood applies innovative Australian-technology to the kitchen appliances which are made of quality import components. Professional food and beverage consultation services, interior design and contracting, appliances manufacturing as well as various licensing also are the core services offered by F & B. 


On the other hand, apart from the of Exclusive dealer of Axwood, F&B is also a Authorized dealer of Grand Woosung Inc, Korea. Woosung Co., Ltd. is the leader in commercial refrigerators, freezers and comprehensive kitchen appliances in Korea and aims to be the world’s best with the highest quality.




F&B’s vision is to provide professional catering advice and equipments to our clients based on their requests and our expertise, so as to maximize the level of satisfaction of each gourmet customer in return.
In the past years, we are honour to have helped various clients in doing so, and we sincere hope that you will be our next.
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