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What exactly are the benefits for you to hire professional licensing consultants in filing various license application and certificate to government authorities?


Saving time

           With years of licensing expertise, F&B is capable of and well-accustomed to tackling problems occurred during the application

           process as well as ensuring the opening of business as scheduled.


Reduction on expenses

F & B quotation states all the requiries expenses clearly for you to manage your budget easily and reduce the deriving risks on unexpected expenses.


Various licenses


Restaurant License

(seating available; can apply for liquor license)


・General Restaurant License (GR)


・Light Refreshment Restaurant License 



Non-restaurant License

(save for Factory Canteen, no seating available &

  no liquor licence granted): 


 Take-away food, Food Factory,

 Siu Mei & Lo Mei Shop,

 Sashimi & Sushi Shop, 

 Fresh Provision Shop,

 Factory Canteen etc.




General Process of License Application (For reference only)




・Assist clients in pre-rental premises

    condition and infrastructure valuation

・Prepare application documents

・Conduct shop interior design and

    illustrate floor plans







・Supply various application documents

    to respective government depts 

・Follow up on application process

・Fulfillment of statutory requirements

     by government depts and attend

     related meeting if necessary

     (e.g. FEHD, Building Dept., Fire Dept.)

・Assist clients in applying Provisional

    Licence (if necessary)





Certificate Issuances

F & B is able to arrange the issuances of various types of certificate for clients


e.g. UBW1,2; CAT 1&2;

Certificate of Compliance A,B,C,E;

Certificate of Ventilating System;

Certificate of Structural Safety 

Certificate of Fire Service Installations and Equipments;




-Certificate of Structural Safety

-Certificate of Town Gas or LPG safety 

-Electrical Installation Completion Certificate

-Certificate of Fire Safety

-Proof of Ventilating and Air-conditioners






Issuance of formal licence






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