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Consultancy & Contracting



Investing a whole new catering business is simply a race against time. It always comes around in a mess and unlimited risks.  Unwanted difficulties and additional expenses derived from shaky planning and execution frequently happen. F&B hence offers a wide range of consultation services which aims at minimizing the risks on your investment by providing pre-rental on site valuation and assistance in finding suitable premise.


F & B Consultancy & Contracting services include:

Catering business consultation

From the moment you decide to invest a whole new catering business, F&B Consultancy gives you a hand by offering extensive services include various essential preparations to operational arrangement, planning and menu design, which aiming to serve the best to your target customers.


・Assistance in finding suitable premise

・Pre-rental on site valuation and budgeting

Market Analysis

Personnel arrangement

Operational consultation

     Aim at improving the profit for whom are            not well operated as expected







Interior Design & Build

With the goal of simplifying the procedures and

saving time and money for the caterers in the

complex interior design and contracting

arrangement, F&B is teamed up with

professional project management experts

to provide the services aforesaid as well as

kitchen appliances procurement. We are also

the distributor of renowned catering equipment

brand, Axwood. In addition F&B is facilitated to

manufacture tailor-made high quality kitchen

appliances and tools.


・Floorplan illustration

・Interior and space design provided with 3D            perspectives 

・Fit-out and project management:

     Ensure the project proceeds and complies              with requirements of clients and authorities,        and be accomplished as scheduled.

・More services include:

     Fire system, ventilation and hoover system            installation


What exactly are the benefits for you to hire professional licensing consultants in filing various license applications to government authorities?

With years of licensing expertise, F&B is

capable of and well-accustomed to tackling problems occurred during the application process as well as ensuring the opening of business as scheduled. Solid budgeting is undoubtedly a cornerstone to protect your investment.



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