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Professional Catering Equipment

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Best Selling
Under-counter glass washer

Model: AXE-202D

External Dimensions (mm): 460 x 560 x 745

Power Requirements: 220V/1PH

Total Power (Kw) : 2.65

Total amps required(A): 14

Max. no. of rack per hour: 40 

Wash cycle (second): 90/120/180

Under-counter Dishwasher

Model: AXE-301D/ AXE-302D

External Dimensions (mm): 573 x 607 x 820

Useful height (mm): 333

Power Requirements: 

- AXE-301D: 380V/50Hz/3PH

- AXE-302D: 220V/50Hz/1PH

Total Power (Kw) : 

- AXE-301D: 8.75

- AXE-302D: 3.55

Max. no. of rack per hour: 40 

Wash Cycle (second): 90/120/180



- Compact and user-friendly

- Maximum useful height 333mm

Hood Type Dishwasher

Model: AXE-601D/ AXE-602D

External Dimensions (mm): 710 x 790 x 1430

Useful height (mm): 400

Power Requirements: 380V/50Hz/3PH

Total Power (Kw) : 

- AXE-601D: 16.6

- AXE-602D: 15.6

Max. no. of rack per hour: 60 

Wash Cycle (second): 60/90/120



- Fast and efficient

- Affordable price

Single Tank Rack Conveyor

Model: AXE-A12J

External Dimensions (mm):1170 x 700 x 1380

Useful height (mm): 450

Power Requirements: 380V/50Hz/3PH

Total Power (Kw): 44.5

Max. no. of rack per hour: 100-120 



Professional design for high volume catering business

Flight Type

Model: AXE-L120J

External Dimensions (mm):3000 x 742 x 1360

Useful Size (W x H/mm): 512 x 460

Power Requirements: 380V/50Hz/3PH

Total Power (Kw): 35.5

Racks (dish per hour): 4400



Ideal for medium hotels, guest houses, chain-restaurants and dining halls

Combi Oven

Model: AWE-061D, AWE-061DX, AWE-101D, AWE-101DX


Dimensions (mm):

AWE-061D, AWE-061DX - 935 x 795 x 830; 

AWE-101D, AWE-101DX - 935 x 795 x 1100


Power Requirements: 380V/50Hz/3PH


Total Power (Kw): 

AWE-061D, AWE-061DX - 9.5

AWE-101D, AWE-101DX - 16.5


Capacity of meals: 

AWE-061D, AWE-061DX - 50-150

AWE-101D, AWE-101DX - 150-250



Ideal for medium hotels, guest houses, chain-restaurants and dining halls

Convection Oven

Model: AJE-A6

External Dimensions (mm):830 x 685 x 570

Interior tank height (mm): 425

Power Requirements: 220V/50Hz/1PH

Total Power (A): 13



Specially designed for complex restaurants, cafe, western restaurants etc.

Why choosing dishwashers by Axwood?


Adopt Australian-technology / Imported components/ Water-saving / 1 minute Wash-cycle ​/

Cost-effective ​/ Trend in industry

The following restaurant chains and hotels in China are using Axwood dishwashers:


>> 1.2mm #304 stainless steel panel is applied on the exterior of the machinery. Durable, neat and tidy


>> Heating tube is made of quality Loy840 stainless steel which is much more reliable comparing to normal cooper tube materials


>> Double-layered stainless steel is applied in the washing tank. Efficiently reduce the noise, prevent from over-heat and save energy


>> Use of Italian made wash pump & rinse pump to ensure high quality and stability to be achieved


>> Build-in detergent Dispenser and Injection device.  You can save extra cost on installation of the wall mounted type dispenser and better utilize the working space


>> Two sets of temperature sensor and protector are installed to assure the steadiness of water temperature and prevent from wasting energy


>> Environmental-friendly by using recylcable water in the washing tank, saving 60%-70% of water compares to washing dishes by hands




Quality guaranteed
>> Our Under-counter Glass & Dish Washer is comparatively smaller in size while providing the maximum useful height of 333mm input dishes


>> Our slim size of Hood Type Dishwasher is easier to fit in your kitchen. Maximum washing capacity is 60 rack/hour.  Maximum dish height is 400mm


>> To maximize the cleanliness of the tableware, both up and bottom sets of stainless steel washing arms and spray arms are installed with ABT Axwood water rotation spraying system, powerfully spraying every corners of the dishes


>> User-friendly. One-key start is programmed with 3 default washing cycles for selection


>> System panel is specially computed with full record function, specially suitable for corporations complying with HACCP standard


>> Mature technology with 50 years of abroad and national experiences. Insists on applying practical and simple design with quality components and powerful functions at the aim of lowering the maintenance rate


>> We offer rental service to provide more flexibility of your cash flow planning


>> 2 years free door-to-door warranty during the rental period


>> 1 year warranty for cash purchase



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