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Professional Catering Dishwashers
Your Cost-effective Solution


The well-renowned catering equipment by Axwood is proudly and exclusively distributed by F&B Catering Equipment Limited in Hong Kong. Axwood Catering Manufacturing Company ( insists on adopting modern technology and rich experience to the manufacture of dishwashers , combi ovens , fryers and more . The 6000 m² factory is established in line with international production standard, and is progressively developing into a catering equipment R&D hub for serving catering chains located in Hong Kong , Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou and Northwestern region.


On the other hand, apart from the of Exclusive dealer of Axwood, F&B is also a Authorized dealer of Grand Woosung Inc, Korea. Woosung is the leader in commercial refrigerators, freezers and comprehensive kitchen appliances in Korea and aims to be the world’s best with the highest quality.




Catering Business Start-up

One-stop service




F&B hence offers a wide range of consultation

services which aims at minimizing the risks on

your investment by providing pre-rental on site

valuation and assistance in finding suitable


Free Consultation

Major Clients


  • Cafe

  • Bar

  • Hotel

  • Restaurant

  • Chinese restaurant

  • Owner/ investor of a catering business


Industry Trend


  • Cost-saving on manpower

  • Minimize the risks of occupational injuries  

  • Simplify the dishwashing procedures by applying cost-effective yet affordable catering equipments

  • Enhance work efficiency and turnover rate; minimize water consumption; increase operational profits

  • Retain royal customers by serving clean tableware

  • Brand-building

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